We’re UCDL (Upperlands Community Development Limited). Formed in 1995, the development group currently comprises a dozen volunteers who care about Upperlands and the people living and working both in and around the village. We have regular meetings in the Linenhall Centre at which we discuss the latest and on-going matters relating to the village and more specifically, to the various projects that UCDL has involvement in.  The group’s main aims are to preserve and improve the social, cultural and economic aspects of Upperlands.


Our flagship project is the very successful Upperlands Community Hydro-Electric scheme which has been producing clean ‘green’ energy since 1999.  This scheme supplies environmentally friendly power to Northern Ireland Electricty via a 99 kilowatt water turbine.  The turbine gets its ‘driving force’ from huge water reservoirs located in the nearby grounds of the oldest Linen manufacturer in Northern Ireland - William Clark and Sons.  The income from the scheme has so far enabled funding construction of the Linenhall centre, the business units, a pedestrian footbridge across the river and on-going conversion of a derelict beetling mill into a local history museum.


About us