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We are a community group set up to promote the development of Upperlands and surrounding areas by encouraging economic activity through business and tourism.  UCDL are a registered charity.


  • BUSINESS CENTRE - Promoting business development through advice, support and offer facilities for start up, and premises for small businesses at an advantageous rate.

  • TOURISM/VISITOR ATTRACTION - Increase tourism and imrove amenities for local residents be developing a visitor centre and associated attractions, including walks, amenity sites, gallery for models and other exhibits, cafe, museum and community learning facility.

  • HYDRO-ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION– Generate electricity by means of the hydro scheme owned and managed by Upperlands Community Hydro Limited and based on the Knockoneill river and dams developed by William Clark and Company.  Profits to be used to support the social and economic objectives of the company through UCDL.

  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT– Promote and provide leisure and learning facilities and opportunities attractive to local residents, youth groups, older age groups and community organisations, in order to support community development in the area.

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