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Summer Camp Buses

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Summer Camp Bus Route

PICKS UP                                                          DROPS OFF 
  9.20 am       *Innisrush:  Orange Hall*         3.40 pm      
  9.35 am       *Tamlaght: Drumard Sch.       3.25 pm      
  9.45 am       *
Culnady:    Presb. Church.     3.15 pm     

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Travelling Safely on Buses


What you can do as Parents...

  • Make sure your child arrives at the pick up point in plenty of time so that they do not have to rush. Be punctual. 

  • Make sure your child knows what YOU want them to do if the bus is late or does not arrive. 

  • Teach your child about road safety, how to act sensibly on and around buses and how to cross the road to and from the bus stop. 

  • Instruct your child to do as the driver says and not to misbehave. You may be held responsible for any vandalism to the bus/taxi caused by your child. 

  • A designated responsible adult should be at the drop off point to receive your child. 

  • Wait for your child on the side of the road where the bus sets them down on the return journey. 

  • Make sure your child can be seen by other road users. By wearing or carrying something bright or fluorescent your child is more easily seen in poor daylight conditions. 

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Children can help keep themselves safe by...

  • remaining seated with the seat belt fastened (where fitted) 

  • behaving sensibly and safely at all times 

  • treating the driver and fellow passengers with respect by following reasonable instructions, avoiding confrontation or the use of abuse or inappropriate language or gestures 

  • not smoking (the Authority operates a NO SMOKING POLICY on all funded transport) 

  • not interfering with equipment in the vehicle e.g. fire extinguishers, emergency doors etc. 

  • storing bags and belongings safely 

  • not standing in the stairwell of the bus. 

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Bullying on Buses

What to do if you feel that you are being bullied on a Summer camp bus...


  • Don’t ignore it – it won’t go away and may get worse 

  • Tell someone you trust - such as a volunteer, parent or friend 

  • Remember - it’s not your fault - no one deserves to be bullied 

  • Keep a record of any nasty texts or emails that you have been sent 

  • Try to stay away from the bullies 

  • Ask your friend to look out for you 

  • Don’t retaliate - you could get yourself  into trouble or get hurt 

  • Contact Summer Camp "Designated Officers"  and they will  help with your concerns. 

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